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Long Island City, New York November 28, 2011

Bucharest Restaurant DAZZLES!


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Bucharest Restaurant
43-45 40th Street
Sunnyside, New York 11104

Simply said, Bucharest Restaurant DAZZLES with Romanian authenticity.

Bucharest Restaurant is the real thing. It is contributing to our appreciation for multiculturalism these days.  Restaurants like Bucharest help us look at life in Queens in a new way, with a greater appreciation and desire to try new places.

We discovered Bucharest Restaurant a few months ago because we've been exploring Sunnyside. It is a large, popular restaurant at the intersection of 40th Street and Queens Blvd at the 40th Street stop on the 7 Subway Line.

It is the kind of place that you can go with a friend for dinner, or with 10 friends or your famiily, or 190 guests for a wedding or Christmas party when you want to have the kind of fun that most venues can't offer.

We like to discover places like Bucharest and share it with our friends...with our highest recommendation.

The great thing about Queens is the mix of authentic kitchens offering homemade foods from family recipes from around the world's homelands.

Bucharest Restaurant qualifies as a great example of this authenticity. The food is always prepared from  fresh ingredients, and cooked to perfection by Romanian men, women, grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, sons, and daughters.  We don't even want to call these wonderful people Chefs, though they are, because their history amd experience with the menu items they prepare for you is learned from their mothers and grandmothers. It starts when they are children.  The Chefs at Bucharest know what the word flavor means...and they deliver it in the kind of generous portions you expect from your mother.

The food at Bucharest Restaurant is not only top quality...and reasonably priced, but the experience you will have, once you are there, will carry you into an old world, European style and culture. You will not just eat. You will blend into the friendliness, the folk dance, and the charming atmosphere.  It all works to deliver the kind of night out at a restaurant that you will remember and want to return to experience again and again.

The secret of this enduring restaurant is its authenticity.

You will sit at a properly set table, with tablecloths...but not pretentious.  Your charming and attractive waiter or waitress will bring you a basket piled high with soft, fresh Romanian style bread. This is the kind of bakery fresh bread that everyone loves! One taste, and you will start to feel good about being there.

You will look at the menu and see some familiar items, like pasta dishes (Linguini Bolonese, Shrimp Linguine), and some that are not so familiar, like Beef Tripe Tour soup. 

Look carefully at this menu. It has many interesting items that you might find familiar, but not found in many restaurants. From Romanian Specials to Main Courses that include Romanian Steak, Ribeye, Wiener Schnitzel, and Grilled Pork Shoulder with Wine Gravy, it is a very full four page menu of mouth watering appetizers, entrees, soups, and salads offering a wonderful variety. [ See photos at OurLIC Featured Restaurant Profile ]

A favorite of ours is The Stuffed Cabbage wih Polenta. This is home cooking at its best.  The blend of meats and spices are remarkably flavorful.  It may be one of the restaurant's signature dishes.  The cabbage is stuffed with meats, rice, spices, and served with polenta and sour cream for $10.95 and is one of the best values in Queens.

Make sure to try the Traditional Romanian Sausage, which is grilled sausage made with ground lamb and beef, actually grilled, and served with french fries. These can also be ordered as appetizers.

As appetizers, we can recommend the Caviar Spread and the Eggplant Spread, but there are others that look interesting.

The Romanian Salad is fresh tomato, cucumber, peppers, onions, and is covered like snow with feta cheese.

The entrees include an impressive Trout, Transylvanian Meat Dish, Grilled Chicken Breast, and Grilled Salmon.

Portions are large.  If you are hungry, you will be happy.

You host, Vasile Badaluta, is
chief editor of the Romanian Journal newspaper and producer of the Romanian Voice TV,   This restaurant is a measure of this man, who is warm, hard working, animated, gracious, and a generous man in every way.  Vasile has a knack for spotting details... things that will make you happy you are in his restaurant. This man cares.   It is Vasile's second successful restaurant. The first was in Manhattan.   Every dish that comes from his kitchen represents him. It is pure love of people that drives him endlessly to try harder and harder to please his customers.
Bucharest is a larger restaurant than most in this area. It can handle larger parties than most. It has a baquet size   room that flows from the dining room and bar area. It is one of the few that can handle 190 people for an evening or an event including a dance floor and stage area that often has live bands...and often authentic Romanian music and folk dance. It is a very flexible venue for all sorts of events.

We have been at Bucharest Restaurant when it is quiet, and we have been there when it is bursting at the seams with people having fun. It is always good to be there. The attractive staff is always polite and service is conscientious.  When it gets busy, it can be pretty demanding. They keep pace.

Keep you eyes open. During our visits there, we have met several important political dignitaries, diplomats, and important business people.  Some of this comes naturally because of the proximity to the United Nations and the homeland authenticity of the restaurant. Some of its popularity with visits by dignitaries comes because the restaurant is endeared by
The New York Chapter of the
Romanian American Chamber of Commerce
. So, if you want to expand your commercial or political horizons, Bucharest Restuarant is a good place to frequent.   For example: OurLIC Exclusive Video Interview: Stere Farmache, President of Bucharest Stock Exchange

On one recent visit, we were treated to an Opera performance by world acclaimed Lyric Coloratura Soprano, Oleksandra Hrabova, who performed for a corporate party hosted by Zero International.

On another occassion, the country of Moldova Celebrated its 20th Anniversary of Independence at Bucharest Restaurant.

Party planners, Bucharest Restaurant is a venue that your clients will appreciate. It is flexible. There are two adjoining rooms. It offers a small, comfortable bar area with lots of table space....,and the  pricing is very affordable.  We recently attended a large wedding reception at Bucharest.  The staff handled everything beautifully, and worked well with the planner.

Anyone planning a party or corporate event should check out Bucharest and get a quote, especially during times when companies are watching their budgets carefully.

What is the downside? Nothing that we see.  Expect authenticity from this Romanian Restaurant and you will get it. Flavor, ambiance, waite staff. It is all "the real thing".

Bucharest passed our three visit test; and, It passed our six visit test with flying colors.  We are hooked.

Bucharest Restaurant is highly recommended...especially if there is an event going on where there is music and Romanian folk dancing.  Get up, join hands, and enjoy the fun.  Romanians live a good life. Food. Family. Friends.

Go to Bucharest! Do not pass GO. Do not bother checking their Facebook page. Just enjoy yourself... lunch or dinner.

There is a large Romanian community of about 300,000 people in NYC.  Many live in Sunnyside, Astoria, and other areas of Queens.

Various OurLIC NEWS videos are presented with this Restaurant Review.

TRANSLATION TO ROMANIAN: [ Romanian Translation ] by Mariana Terra, Editor-in-Chief of Romanian Journal 


Chef Elena
You host at Bucharest Restaurant is Vasile Badaluta. He is also Chief Editor of the Romanian Journal newspaper and producer of the Romanian Voice TV.

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